MILK & BONES February, 2019 An evening length, improvisational dance performance by SeaBus Dance Company, in collaboration with Amery Kessler.

Saturday February 16th || 8pm

Sunday February 17th || 2pm

@CDT’s Fisher Theatre- 592 E Main St. Columbus, OH

General $20 || Students $15

'MILK & BONES' is SeaBus Dance Company's newest evening length work exploring real time composition and moment-to-moment dance making. Co-directors Kelly Hurlburt and Josh Hines work in collaboration with dancers Chloe Napoletano, Hana Newfeld, and Megan Davis-Bushway, as well as, a local visual artist, Amery Kessler to bring this new creation to Columbus in February 2019.


Spilling. Pouring. Stacking. Density. Opacity. Purity.

Seemingly contradictory in their disposition, milk & bones share a relationship that parallels the physical investigations of form and freedom that SeaBus, as a collective, practice. The dancers oscillate back and forth within the “in-between space” of a sturdy container—our space, our skeletons, the constants and certainties of the movement — and the fluid, free-flowing states of energy that exist within the improvisation—the spilling of ideas, the unpredictability and play of bodies in motion with each other. Somewhere in the conversation between these worlds, textures and sensations, we find the dance.

Meet our collaborator…



Amery Kessler is an artist and musician based in Columbus. His work centers on the experience of interpersonal encounters and relationships. He is the director of Creative Current, a mixed-use art space that facilitates people of different creative disciplines and abilities coming together to research, play, and encourage an independent and collaborative balance of art and everyday life.

Amery's method for sharing artwork has largely been self produced with the support of friends and family and included venues such as public spaces, traditional galleries and museums, private homes, and other unconventional productions. He has also designed and produced works with the cooperation and support of institutions such as the New York Foundation for the Arts, The Ohio Arts Council, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, and The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

This is Amery’s first collaboration with SeaBus and he looks forward to more in the future.