We are SeaBUs

Bringing together dancers who share a common interest in real-time composition.



"SeaBus began as a cross-country collaboration between dancers in Seattle, Washington, and Columbus, Ohio. In the summer of 2016, Seattle dancers, Kori Martodam and Jonathan Lilly, met Columbus dancer, Josh Hines at a week long workshop at Earthdance in Plainfield, Massachusetts. The three discovered a mutual interest in physical movement as an art form, with an emphasis on dance improvisation in performance—and SeaBus (SEAttle + ColumBUS) was born. Since, each city has developed a core group of movers and in June and October of 2017, the parallel groups from each city collided to rehearse intensively and perform their research. The first performance debuted in Seattle in a work called, Indigo and the second manifestation, Loom, was brought to Columbus, Ohio."