Video by Tom Lepley
Video by: Tom Lepley Dancers: Megan Davis Bushway Chloe Napoletano Hana Newfeld Eve Hermann Kori Martodam Lindsay Forsythe Hilary Bowen Emily Curtiss Josh Hines Kelly Hurlburt

Loom 2017

SeaBus investigates the intersection of improvisational dance making and live performance

 In October 2017, this manifested in the performance of "Loom."

Just as loom is utilized in the weaving together of fabric, our dance project acted as a container for gathering dancers from distal communities for a converging and weaving of ideas, movement, and narrative. 10 dance artists and 1 live musician came together for an intensive rehearsal process and performance tour of Columbus dance venues

Oct. 27, Art of Yoga (Franklinton): 8pm performance

Oct. 28 MadLab Theater (Downtown Columbus): 8pm performance

Oct. 29 Flux and Flow Movement and Dance Center (Clintonville): 6pm performance