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Loom 2017

SeaBus investigates the intersection of improvisational dance making and live performance

 In October 2017, this manifested in the performance of "Loom."

Just as loom is utilized in the weaving together of fabric, our dance project acted as a container for gathering dancers from distal communities for a converging and weaving of ideas, movement, and narrative. 10 dance artists and 1 live musician came together for an intensive rehearsal process and performance tour of Columbus dance venues

Oct. 27, Art of Yoga (Franklinton): 8pm performance

Oct. 28 MadLab Theater (Downtown Columbus): 8pm performance

Oct. 29 Flux and Flow Movement and Dance Center (Clintonville): 6pm performance 




Kori grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from Denison University in 2003 with a BFA in Theater and Contemporary Dance. A few years and a dozen odd jobs later, she went back to school and began a career in Anesthesia. Her parents worked in the sciences, hence anesthesia, but she also had the kind of quiet but beautiful childhood that predisposes a person to poetic things. She practices the art of weaving these two lives of art and science together; balancing sense with un-proofed expression and certainty with what there is to discover in following a hunch. Improvisation is an opportunity to play in the unfolding of time and experience;to simultaneously perceive and create meaning. Kori feels very lucky to be part of JKLM Studio and Sea Bus; to be dancing with wonderful people!

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Hilary Bowen is an emerging dance artist who grew up in China and spent most of her life navigating between worlds. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a BA in creative writing and dance. Previous forays into the world of improvisation include her senior research project "From the Studio to the Pasture", which investigated the connections between dance and horses. Improvisation fascinates and inspires her because it is the intersection of people and their plans navigating spaces that often call us to be highly flexible. And in those moments of openness breathtaking possibilities are released. Hilary is grateful for the opportunity to work with Sea Bus and JKLM. 


Emily Curtiss graduated in May 2016 with a BFA in Choreography and Performance from the University of Montana. At UM she fully participated in choreographing and performing in concerts and at ACDA conferences, and culminated her time there by producing her own evening-length production of performance improvisation. While in Montana she also performed with Bare Bait Dance Company and Headwaters Dance Company. She spent much of the summer at Ponderosa's PORCH improvisation/training module, where she continued to explore her interests in experimental movement and improvisation as performance. Since recently moving to Seattle, she has performed in Alana O'Roger's show "Into Ice" as an ensemble member, participated in Renee Bolke’s piece "Sunken Cities" for the Bridge Project, and has continued to work on solo improvisational work. She also has a passion for teaching dance, and enjoys teaching creative movement for children and dance fitness.

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Video by: Tom Lepley Dancers: Megan Davis Bushway Chloe Napoletano Hana Newfeld Eve Hermann Kori Martodam Lindsay Forsythe Hilary Bowen Emily Curtiss Josh Hines Kelly Hurlburt
Video by Tom Lepley