Meet our musician


Elijah Aaron Palnik


Elijah Aaron Palnik is a composer / producer / multi-instrumentalist from Columbus, Ohio. Since graduating from /The Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has performed one-man shows in the United States and abroad. Elijah has also composes music for international films and television. Some of his past clients include The Rolling Stones, The Wrigley Candy Corporation, TED Talks, and Volkswagen International. Elijah is currently the resident musician for The Department of Dance at The Ohio State University. He provides live and improvised music for all Ballet, Modern, African, Jazz, and Yoga classes. Elijah also teaches Undergraduate and Graduate level classes in Sound Design and Audio Production. Elijah has released six full-length studio albums of original music.

To learn more about Elijah, visit his website.


“Although his approach is eclectic, he is a true American in that regard. He has studied Brazilian, Afro Cuban, South Indian and Jazz musical forms which he has been distilling into an original voice.”

-Jamey Haddad (Lead percussionist for Paul Simon)


“Elijah Aaron has raised the bar for one-man bands everywhere. ” 

-People Magazine